End user Cyber Training & Awareness Programmes

Cyber self-defence training
& year round awareness campaigns

Cost effective & easy to

Educates through

Key component of your
cyber security programme

Face to Face
Cyber Training

Cyber Self Defence Training – Empowers
users to protect themselves against cyber threats

Condensed high-impact and
entertaining sessions

Uses psychology techniques to deliver lasting
behaviour change

Option to become a “Cyber Self Defence”
Certified Trainer

Cyber Awareness Campaigns

Our awareness campaigns include a vast array of entertaining material to ensure users are constantly reminded of the cyber security self-defence messages. The multi-media materials are licenced on an annual basis.

Our cyber training and awareness programmes can help you meet your ISO 27001 and/or other IT security training and awareness compliance requirements

A simple way to bring focus to the campaign.

Suggested email content to re-enforce the proposition.

Posters for notice boards, canteen or other public

areas. Some customers email these posters also.

Mini Booklets
Short, sharp messages on various threats or suggested actions to protect your information.

Custom Messages
Customised material for customer specific messaging requirements.

Videos to support the proposition.

Mind over Malware

Our Webinar where we discuss the role Psychology & Advertising can play in successful Cyber Awareness Programmes

End user Cyber Training
& Awareness Programmes

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